Molly's Curiosities


All organics are natural. No two created by nature will be identical and will have perfect imperfections as a result of living in the wild. There will be slight differences in size, shape, coloring and pattern for each.

The organics I have hand selected to produce this collection are all byproducts of the farming and fishing industry. I have been very selective to guarantee that no endangered animal products were used for my designs. All organics in this collection have been cleared for legal entry into the US by the US Fish and Wildlife Department and US Customs.

Molly's Curiosities

Art is an appeal that provokes an emotion, a feeling or a vivid thought or memory. I have developed gratitude to be surrounded by those things that are natural, those things that are created without the constraints of mankind. The haphazard chance that is the result of perfect precision, unstructured and unrefined detail.

JBC introduces Molly's Curiosities – an embrace of organics with a hand of man in artistic forged detail.

Ready to Rock


The two creatives: John the artist (the one to rarely be on time); Molly the designer (the one who is always on time…she makes sure John is too). Colliding & joining forces to create, this dynamic duo is setting up the next lifestyle brand. It doesn’t matter where they are from or what they were before meshing; it’s the dream to work together with passion & laughter that rocks. Why stop there? With two daughters both possessing their own unique creative minds…John Beard Collection is set to be around a long time.